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What does House Of Harry do?

Child Care Support – House of Harry Foundation takes care of Kids who are
abandoned on the streets of Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world, where they risk a lot trying to
fend for themselves. Because every child is precious to God, we cannot
sit back and watch these children suffer alone when together we can do
something to restore their priceless lives and provide them with hope
for the future. This we have managed to achieve through our Child
support ministry under our internal department within the foundation.

Who started House Of Harry Foundation?

House of Harry Foundation is a non-profit and non – government
organization based in Lagos, Nigeria, and established in 2010 with the
commitment of giving hope to the hopeless in the society by renewing,
empowering, strengthening and transforming lives through therapy, and
the word and the love of God, thereby giving people a purposeful and
meaningful life. HOHF has been enhancing the status of widows and
promoting accessibility of services without religious, financial,
cultural, and tribal (geographical) and other biases. HOHF defends
human rights and has implemented various programs that have led to the
health improvement and poverty reduction of several widows, orphans,
delinquents, abused, prisoners, drug addicts, ex-con, elderly and the
underprivileged and marginalized members of the society.

How does House Of Harry support itself?

We support ourselves through donations donated to us by our patrons and matrons, or sponsors both home and abroad.

Why Should I Donate to House Of Harry Foundation?

Your support will go toward reuniting children with their families,
and preventing children from entering orphanages in the first place. You
will support families, extended families and loving foster families.
Your donation will find a family for every child where they can enjoy a
healthy and productive life. Your donation will also ensure that these
families have the support they need so the children can thrive.

Your Donation Will Change Generations of Lives…So, your donation will go along way in helping the kids!

“At House of Harry Foundation when we all give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed and uplifted"

(H.R.H) Prince Harry Perry Obiajulu

President & Founder

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There are extensive community service opportunities for those looking for volunteer work that will help the impoverished and suffering throughout the world.

Let us guide you through an easy of understanding of House of Harry volunteer programs.
Learn how to be a good volunteer by mastering your personality via House of Harry Foundation.

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